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The Vault of Horror
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The Vault of Horror (1973) : English Subtitle The sequel to Tales from the Crypt. Five strangers trapped in a basement vault converse about their recurring nightmares. Their stories include vampires, bodily dismemberment, east Indian mysticism, an insurance scam, and an artist who kills by painting his victims' deaths.

Title The Vault of Horror
Subtitle Available south-korea.png france.png Germany.png italy.png espain.png belanda.png portugal.png hungaria.png ETC.
Release Date Mar 16, 1973
Genres ,
Production Company Metromedia Producers Corporation (MPC), Amicus Productions
Production Countries United Kingdom, United States of America
Casts Anna Massey, Terry-Thomas, Glynis Johns, John Forbes-Robertson, Curd Jürgens, Dawn Addams, Ishaq Bux, Michael Craig, Edward Judd, Robin Nedwell, Geoffrey Davies
Plot Keywords vault, vampire, painting, supernatural, anthology, scam, brutal death, india, stranger, dismemberment, crypt keeper, magician,
Donna Rogers (segment 1
Donna Rogers (segment 1 "Midnight Mess")
Anna Massey
Arthur Critchit (segment 2
Arthur Critchit (segment 2 "The Neat Job")
Eleanor Critchit (segment 2
Eleanor Critchit (segment 2 "The Neat Job")
Glynis Johns
Wilson (segment 2
Wilson (segment 2 "The Neat Job")
John Forbes-Robertson
Sebastian (segment 3
Sebastian (segment 3 "This Trick'll Kill You")
Curd Jürgens
Inez (segment 3
Inez (segment 3 "This Trick'll Kill You")
Dawn Addams
Fakir (segment 3
Fakir (segment 3 "This Trick'll Kill You")
Ishaq Bux
Maitland (segment 4
Maitland (segment 4 "Bargain in Death")
Michael Craig
Alex (segment 4
Alex (segment 4 "Bargain in Death")
Edward Judd
Tom (segment 4
Tom (segment 4 "Bargain in Death")
Robin Nedwell
Jerry (segment 4
Jerry (segment 4 "Bargain in Death")
Geoffrey Davies
Moore (segment 5
Moore (segment 5 "Drawn and Quartered")
Tom Baker
Diltant (segment 5
Diltant (segment 5 "Drawn and Quartered")
Denholm Elliott
Fenton Breedley (segment 5
Fenton Breedley (segment 5 "Drawn and Quartered")
Terence Alexander
Old Waiter (segment 1
Old Waiter (segment 1 "Midnight Mess")
Erik Chitty
Clive (segment 1
Clive (segment 1 "Midnight Mess")
Mike Pratt
Waiter (segment 1
Waiter (segment 1 "Midnight Mess")
Jerold Wells
Jane (segment 2
Jane (segment 2 "The Neat Job")
Marianne Stone
Male Customer (segment 1
Male Customer (segment 1 "Midnight Mess")
Frank Forsyth
Indian Girl (segment 3
Indian Girl (segment 3 "This Trick'll Kill You")
Jasmina Hilton
Gravedigger (segment 4
Gravedigger (segment 4 "Bargain in Death")
Arthur Mullard
Landlady (segment 4
Landlady (segment 4 "Bargain in Death")
Geraldine Hart
Gaskill (segment 5
Gaskill (segment 5 "Drawn and Quartered")
John Witty
Voodoo Man (segment 5
Voodoo Man (segment 5 "Drawn and Quartered")
Tony Hazel
Bob Dickson (segment 5
Bob Dickson (segment 5 "Drawn and Quartered")
Maurice Kaufmann
Mrs. Breedley (segment 5
Mrs. Breedley (segment 5 "Drawn and Quartered")
Sylvia Marriott
Landlord (segment 5
Landlord (segment 5 "Drawn and Quartered")
Tommy Godfrey
Secretary (segment 5
Secretary (segment 5 "Drawn and Quartered")
Elsa Smith
Cutter (segment 5
Cutter (segment 5 "Drawn and Quartered")
Daniel Johns
Painter (segment 5
Painter (segment 5 "Drawn and Quartered")
Tony Wall
Harold Rogers (segment 1
Harold Rogers (segment 1 "Midnight Mess")
Daniel Massey
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