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Growing Potatoes

Have you ever wanted to grow a garden? Do you like potatoes?

Well, they are easy to grow all it takes is a little patience and a tiny bit of work. When you are starting out you are going to have to get them in seed form, most nurseries don’t sell potatoes as a plant.

That is more fun anyway I would say starting with the seed takes a bit longer, but it is more rewarding; at least to me, it is. Find a good spot in your garden with soil that isn’t to think and drains fairly easy.

If you have thick and heavy soil, like clay, you will need to plant your potatoes in raised beds. In fact, I would suggest you do that anyway; that is going to help the potatoes in any climate or soil.

Get fertilizers that are high in potassium and phosphorous, but avoid manure and nitrogen. Ask your local nursery and they will direct you to the right type of fertilizer you will need.

Picture of potatoes growing on a patio garden.
Potatoes Growing

Getting too much nitrogen in your garden is going to suffocate your potatoes, which means no homemade French fries for dinner. Getting manure in your potato garden is going to have consequences that are much worse.

Manure is going to raise the pH of your soil, and any soil that is high in pH is going to cause your potatoes to get the scab disease. Other things like lime, ash, and other vegetation can all raise the pH of your soil. A good pH level for your level for your garden would be around a 6 to a 6.5.

You can get an inexpensive soil tester from your nearby nursery, or you could just order one online. They are great and I wouldn’t trade mine for the world.

But if that is too much of a bother for you, you could perform a little science experiment with some vinegar or baking soda. If you put your soil in a bowl with vinegar and there is little or no bubbling that means that you have a good soil for potatoes.

If you put soil in a bowl with water and baking soda and there is a reaction, you may have to go mix some vinegar into your soil outside. You can use sphagnum peat moss or sulfur or sulfate related substance to get your soil more acidic.

Although when you are about to eat your potatoes make sure they are not green and that you cook them. Do not eat the plant or leaves; all the green parts have a substance called glycoalkaloids in them. These are not edible and may cause harm

Now, the most important advice for raising potatoes is: Be sure to weed properly and to keep you garden fresh with the right kind of nutrients.

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